Raspberry Pi Google Calendar - A Combined venture for Mobile Phones

Jun 8, 2013

Raspberry Pi Google calender? That is an irresistible pair!! Hello all, I am sure these days most of you would be having a smart phone. We manage almost any thing that has to do with our digital self from these devices. The wide variety of apps available to make our...

EDA (Electronic Design Automation) - Where Electronics Begins

May 25, 2013

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is a relatively young five-billion$ industry with a very colorful upbringing, I’m very grateful for, and is an honor to write about it. EDA involves a diverse set of software algorithms and applications that are required for the design of complex next generation semiconductor and electronics...

Beagle Bone a look from outside

May 10, 2013

The Beagle Bone is a pocket sized computer with Arm cortex A8 processor running a striped down version of angstrom Linux. Beagle Bone is much costlier than the popular counterpart Raspberry Pi, but has many advantages when compared to it. The reason I got the Beagle Bone was because the...