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Simple DIY Electromagnetic Bell

electronic bell.

You might think its past time I was talking about simple electromagnetic bells at my blog. Truth be told I would agree with you and embedjournal is pitching for a higher game in the near future. We will soon get into some android programming and write mobile apps that will talk with our embedded systems. But for now we will have to stick with this little bell as it was asked to be made by my boss. But trust me …

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Useful Books for Reference


Books are an invaluable source of information. Listed below are some of the books that we feel will help you understand the basic concepts behind embedded systems, robotics, and basic electronics. Check if you have come across some of these books and leave a comment if I have missed some good books. We do not condone illegal sharing of copyright content at EmbedJournal. We suggest, you purchase the books from your local store or from an online vendor (book/e-book). But if you …

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Serial Ports are dead? Think again!

serial Port connector

Your Desktop-PC doesn’t have a Serial Port in the back side? Don’t be so sure of it. If you can’t see, doesn’t mean it ain’t there! All you have to do is look properly. If you are a full-time laptop user, stop right here! This article is of no help to you. Good old desktop users might have a shot at a native COM port in your computer! Just read along… What is this UART anyway? UART is one of the most preferred form of debugging …

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Circuit Debugging – Tips Tricks & Techniques

Here we are with a TTT (Tips, Tricks and Techniques) post again after a long time! Firstly I have to apologize for the recent inactivity in the blog. I’ve been a little busy over the last few months. But guess what! I have some good news! I think I’ll soon be payed for what I love to do! Yup, I no longer have the privilege to legally call myself a student. But personally I think I will be a student …

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How to Make PCBs at Home With Toner Transfer Method

Toner Transfer method for making PCB at home is probably one thing that went as viral as the Arduino. Electronics hobbyists around the world started using it to make professional looking PCBs at home. Here I will document the steps involved in fabricating PCBs with things that you can mostly find off the shelf. Before getting to the details in the making your own PCBs I wish to share an old experience. So, if you have left the soldering iron …

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Need for Clock Line in Digital Communication

clock pulse

   What is the need for a clock line in digital communication protocols? This was the question that was posted on a Facebook page. I was surprised to see no one had posted a response. Probably they felt that the question was below standard, lame, stupid or on the worst case they did NOT know it them self! That thought was disturbing. This is a concept that everyone (well, not exactly everyone) should be aware of in not in detail …

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Got the GPS and GSM Modules delivered!!

I had always wanted to interface something other than the conventional embedded devices in the market. Thats when I laid my eyes on the GSM module. So I have worked with many embedded peripherals but nothing as big and promising as the GSM module.  For some reasons I could never get involved with anything that has to do with GSM so far. The latest project I’m working on requires me to send a text file to a server with FTP …

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Engineers! are you starting embedded systems with arduino?


The term ‘Arduino‘ is no longer new to anyone having the least bit of exposure to Embedded System. Some years ago when I first heard Arduino, it hadn’t come into India yet and the only shops selling them we charging a little more than twice the actual cost. So I was inclined to believe that it was yet another fancy toy for those with some good monthly allowances or for those with the financial support from some university (in today’s terms, telosB motes serves …

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Which is the best EDA tool?

best EDA tool

If you haven’t locked yourself in a cave for a couple of years, you would have easily come across this question several times when you went through electronics forums and the discussions at Facebook pages. This is one question that has been directed at me for a very long time by my friends the “best EDA tool”. The answer to the question is quite primitive. There is no such thing as the best EDA tool. All tools are good as long as there is …

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DIY wireless Keyboard (fun in making things yourself)


I have a TVS eGold mechanical Keyboard. I was looking at some websites that sold wireless keyboard and soon found out that they were all membrane type. I have been using the mechanical one for quiet some time now and love it so much that I can’t possibly revert back to the membrane even if were wireless. Thats when I got the Idea to convert my mechanical wired-keyboard into a wireless one a ‘DIY wireless keyboard’. I was reading about the PS2 interface and …

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