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Getting started with Embedded Systems

embedded system

Hey everyone, I have planned to document all the small electronics projects that I do in my free time so that it would be of some use to all the beginners of the same interest as mine. I may not be regular in posting new stuffs, but I will try my level the best to post the most optimized content of what I have  done. When I was a beginner, I found many blogs really useful, which actually made my learning curve smooth. I am no …

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Shaastra 2013 Nights on the streets (Jan’13)

Shaastra is an annual tech fest conducted by Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai. There are events and workshops for almost all streams of Engineering and I love their Robotics events the most. The robotics event conducted by them is “The mother of all the robotics event in the county”-or that is what they say.. don’t know how they guessed the gender of robotics 😛 (mother). I had always had an eye on this event ever since I was in my …

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Yet another Hello World?

Hello World, There you go! the age old thing to start off anything with. I don’t plan on violating any conventions today. Welcome to EmbedJournal! a tech log on Embedded Systems. I’m Siddharth, and EmbedJournal is my blog on things that have fascinated me over extended periods of time. I’ve finally managed to organise all my articles form the internet-scatter into one roof. Hopefully, this will be their final landing point. Like I said, the primary focus of most of my reading will …

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