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Graphic LCD: GLCD Command Sheet HTML Version

Yet again I was looking for the GLCD command sheet in the internet and failed find any good resolution images that I can use for post references. Even the one of the data sheet looks really bad. So here I am with a HTML Version of the GLCD command sheet just like the one for the character LCD I posted a while back.


GLCD Command Sheet

Display On/OFF  0 0  0  0 1 1 1 1 1 * Controls the Display ON or OFF. Internal status and display RAM data is not affected.
Set Address         (Y Address) 0 0  0 1     X Address ( 0 to 63 ) Sets the Y address in the Y address counter.
Set Page Address  (X Address) 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 Page (0-7) Sets the X address in the X address counter.
Display Start Line  (Z Address) 0 0 1 1 Display Start Line (0-63) Indicates the display data RAM displayed at the top of the screen.
Status Read 0 1 BF 0 On/Off Rst 0 0 0 0 Status Read
Write Display Data 1 0         Write Data Write data DB0 to DB7 into display data RAM. After writing instruction Y address is incremented by 1
Read Display Data 1  1         Read Data Reads data DB0 to DB7 from the display data RAM to the data bus.
Instruction bit names:

  • BF – 0 = can accept instruction, 1 = internal operation in progress.
  • Rst – 0 = Normal operation, 1 = Reset.
  • ON/OFF – 0 = Display ON, 1 = Display OFF.

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  • Hi, I would like to ask is this GLCD command sheet, as it is labelled character LCD command sheet.

    Is there more info on how to control GLCD? How to send a command and data like Character LCD.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hey, thanks for spotting the error. Yes it is the command sheet for the GLCD. Sorry for the mistake, I was using the character LCD command sheet as a template for making this post. I overlooked the heading. Now it has been updated.

      I have success fully interfaced the GLCD. I’m yet to clean up the code and document it. I’m planing to run a series like the one for character LCD, if everything goes as expected it should be here soon.. stay in touch. As a hint, sending the data to the GLCD is much similar to the Character LCD. Its like sending data to 2 LCDs sequentially by using the CS1 and CS2 pins to address the LCDs.

  • You are welcome. Looking forward for your post on GLCD. Very informative 😀

  • Wow, I am excited about your post on how to control a GLCD. Have you tried with any touch screen ?

    Thanks !

    • I’m glad you like the GLCD series even before they are out 🙂

      No Vincent, I haven’t had the chance to use a touch screen display.. those things are really costly here.

    • I’m glad you like the GLCD series even before they are out 🙂

      No Vincent, I haven’t had the chance to use a touch screen display.. those things are really costly here.

  • MasterOfDisaster

    ON/OFF – 0 = Display ON, 1 = Display OFF.

    Um isnt 1=on and 0=off like here:

  • Have u interfaced the GLCD. I need some library regarding GLCD. I interfaced JHD 128×64 with msp430 microcontroller. but I am planning to draw and load images on to it.

    • As a matter of fact I have!! Use this tool called “The Dot Factory” to convert images to hex values to be loaded in the GLCD.

  • ankush

    Hello siddharth,have u GLCD interfacing with lpc2148 code.
    Your information always helped me.
    What is proper connection diagram of GLCD mostly 3rd and 18th pin?
    Help me regarding lpc2148 arm with GLCD

    • Hi Ankush, I have not worked with LPC2148 in the past.

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