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Yet another Hello World?

Hello World,

There you go! the age old thing to start off anything with. I don’t plan on violating any conventions today.

Welcome to EmbedJournal! a tech log on Embedded Systems.

I’m Siddharth, and EmbedJournal is my blog on things that have fascinated me over extended periods of time. I’ve finally managed to organise all my articles form the internet-scatter into one roof. Hopefully, this will be their final landing point.

Like I said, the primary focus of most of my reading will be on Embedded Systems. But that doesn’t stop there, it includes a lot of interesting fields such as robotics, computer vision, needless-to-say – electronics and a lot many more that I learn on a regular basis.

I will try to document all my future projects here. Hopefully someone somewhere will find it useful along the way. I may not be very frequent at posting content. But when I do post something, I will try to make it as readable as possible. Afterall isn’t that the whole point?



About Siddharth

Siddharth is a Firmware Engineer, techie, and a movie-buff. His interests include, Programming, Embedded Systems, Linux, Robotics, CV, Carpentry and a lot more. At times, you could see some of his sunday projects converge on release quality. You get to know him on the following social channels.

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  • bhupendra

    I want to make an remote controlled car having connected a antenna to increase its range is it possible if yes then how. How can I connect that antenna to circuit and where.

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