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Compiling and Deploying BeagleBone Black Kernel

It’s been a while since I my first article and though I need to come up with something a little more advanced this time. Something which will be perfect for the die hard Linux users and those who await to get hands dirty with some kernel grease. For the sake of this discussion, it is assumed that you have some working knowledge of the Linux operating systems (at least as a user). Needless to say you should have a working bone to follow this tutorial. BeagleBone Black …

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Beagle Bone a look from outside

The Beagle Bone is a pocket sized computer with Arm cortex A8 processor running a striped down version of angstrom Linux. Beagle Bone is much costlier than the popular counterpart Raspberry Pi, but has many advantages when compared to it. The reason I got the Beagle Bone was because the Pi’s were in too much a demand out here and it would have taken me several weeks to lay my hands on it. Now that I have taken a stance let me try to …

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