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How to Make PCBs at Home With Toner Transfer Method

Toner Transfer method for making PCB at home is probably one thing that went as viral as the Arduino. Electronics hobbyists around the world started using it to make professional looking PCBs at home. Here I will document the steps involved in fabricating PCBs with things that you can mostly find off the shelf. Before getting to the details in the making your own PCBs I wish to share an old experience. So, if you have left the soldering iron …

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EDA (Electronic Design Automation) – Where Electronics Begins

EDA industry net

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is a relatively young five-billion$ industry with a very colorful upbringing, I’m very grateful for, and is an honor to write about it. EDA involves a diverse set of software algorithms and applications that are required for the design of complex next generation semiconductor and electronics products. The increase in VLSI design complexity poses a significant challenge to EDA; application performance is not scaling effectively, since microprocessor performance gains have been hampered due to increases in …

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Which is the best EDA tool?

best EDA tool

If you haven’t locked yourself in a cave for a couple of years, you would have easily come across this question several times when you went through electronics forums and the discussions at Facebook pages. This is one question that has been directed at me for a very long time by my friends the “best EDA tool”. The answer to the question is quite primitive. There is no such thing as the best EDA tool. All tools are good as long as there is …

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