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Cubieboard a $50 Single Board Computer

cubieboard with hard disk

Lets welcome the new comer in the league of SBC (single board computers). Yes the Cubieboard is a new single board computer  heading up in the market. Its already been the market for some time but not yet popular. Cubieboard is a small, high performance ARM box. It is hacker friendly, extendable and very low cost ARM development board.It uses the China’s favorite low cost,  Alwinner A10 chip. These chips are dirt cheap and are as common as potatoes in …

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PandaBoard : Technical Reference and Review.


A PandaBoard is a low-cost, low-power single board development platform from the famous Texas Instruments OMAP4430 system. It is capable of ruining all major flavors of Linux with native support from Ubuntu. It has been on the list of linux hackers for quite some time now and has a huge archive of project documentation form diehard Linux fans all over the world. PandaBoard consists of CPU and GPU which runs at higher clock rates which is a good news for …

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Raspberry Pi: Let’s take a bite from it!

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized single-board computer. This you must have heard at least a thousand times, against my better judgement I have planned to use the same opening statement for this post. Raspberry Pi comes as two variants and they choose to call it Model A and Model B. Model A has one USB port and there is no in- built Ethernet controller ,whereas Model B had 2 USB ports and standard 10/100 Ethernet controller. Due to the …

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BeagleBone – Detailed Technical Review

  BeagleBone is an, credit-card-sized Linux computer that connects to the Internet and runs software such as Android 4.0 and Ubuntu. BeagleBone is nothing but a striped down version of its better known preceders BeagleBoard. BeagleBone has plenty of input & outputs and the processing power for real-time analysis is provided by a Texas Instruments AM335x 720MHz ARM® processor. BeagleBone can be complemented with cape plug-in boards to augment functionality. It allows developers to evaluate Sitara, AM335x ARM Cortex-A8 processors …

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