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Before saying anything about embedjournal, we thank you for taking your time to stop at this page. This blog is maintained by a group of like-minded friends sharing similar interests. We have done a few small projects for various tech fests in and around our place. Whatever we write here as tutorials and how-to’s are personally tested methods by at least one of our members. You are free to raise any questions regarding the tutorials in the comments section; We will get back to you as soon as possible.

This is a website focusing on embedded software/hardware design and a bunch of other things that has to do with it. Embedded systems play a vital role in our day to day lives. Even without our knowledge we are using dozens of embedded devices. The applications of embedded electronics is so vast that there are tons of companies that are directly involved in the Design and Development of embedded systems. Besides, these companies there is a huge ecosystem that has been thriving symbiotically for ages. Together they have been exploring all possibilities making embedded systems a practical money making venture.

That being said, the scope of a talented Embedded Engineer is always growing. Embedded systems is a fast evolving field. Yesterday is obsolete and today has already been written down to be told tomorrow as history. All one has to do is to be updated with the latest technologies and trends. Obsolescence is inevitable if we do not move along with the tide. EmbedJournal like all other blogs in the same domain has been started with a vision to keep knowledge open and available to any one who is looking forward to get it. Together we can reach where we could never have reached otherwise.

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