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Hey! Thanks for stopping by. Clearly, you are wondering who I am and how much of my writing can be trusted.

Understandable! Totally.

Yeah right, I can write any random stuff on my blog and add to clutter and make the already hard task of finding information ever harder. So here is a small (yes this is small) writeup on who I am and what I do. I’ll let you decide if my information can be trusted.


Yes that’s me. Some some time in 2016. I’m an electronics and computer enthusiast. I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. By the day, I am an Embedded Software Developer (last I checked) writing and manage embedded firmware for a living. By the evening, I am just another interested student looking for some excitement.

I know what it takes to write release quality code that is flexible and maintainable. I work in a product based company, we care a lot about long term maintenance of the product than the time to market. In short, giving attention to details and strict adherence to best practices just about covers my view towards software development.

I love any and everything related electronics, especially embedded systems. Apart from that, day-to-day physics, computer vision, algorithms, robotics, linux and ofcourse C programming are the next big things in my life.

My fascination for embedded systems dates back very early in my childhood. When I read all those science fictions with robots in them I used to wonder how they made the decisions. Then someone told me they had a computer inside them. From then on my question to people was how a windows XP can make things move?

It’s always the question that drives us.

I have no clue on who said that. I picked it up from the movie The Matrix (not because it sounded cool). Nevertheless, I too was driven by the question. I mean how.. ? Okay I wasn’t exactly the smartest person out there… not then, not now!

But then, no one can say I didn’t try! least I had that. The answer then presented itself to be embedded systems. Well not exactly. But for the sake of this argument and for those few readers who are still with me at this point, I will leave it at that.

If you are reading this far into this page you might want to subscribe to my posts and get notified when ever I publish something content (I rarely do). You can reach me any time (yes that’s right any time!) at, siddharth [at] embedjournal [dot] com and say hi 🙂

  • prathamesh

    please tell me sir what is EDA tool

  • gaurav chauhan

    sir line follower ki report send kr dijiye plz
    koi easy sa ckt bta dijiye mujhe clg me banana h

  • harish v.c

    dear Siddharth,
    i followed your tutorial on wireless robot which was very awesome, i could get all the components and finally i could assemble following your tuturial, but i did download the pcb circuit design which is your site so for i could follow but i am stuck with this pcb of tx rx can you help me where i can get this done or if you can give me a link where i can buy this pl
    my contact no xxxxxxxxxxxx pl give me a miss call i can call you back pl help me i am not an engineering student i am 60 yrs old man would like to keep my self busy if you can help me i would be very grateful to you as i am planning to give it my grand child a gift made by me
    thanking you

    • Hi Harish,
      Were are you from? You will get the RX and TX modules at your nearest electronics hub. You can also buy it from this Bangalore based online vendor

  • harish v.c

    hi siddarath
    thanks a ton for your reply

  • Abdul Bari Shaikh

    Hii siddharth, its umer from mumbai.i saw your rc remote video.i just loved it, thanks for sharing the videos.i just wanted to know where I can get circuit and motors .plss reply . Thank you

    • You can buy it from

  • embedded Engg

    Hi Siddharth,
    i m trying to use the ring buffer, but i m facing problem. can you please share the code in which it is merged. my id is ep.hobbyiest[at]gmail[dot]com.

  • sujatha

    Hi…. sir….
    Sir I have problem in coding for a robot in C programming for some particular task …..
    Would you help me…

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