Make PCBs at Home With Toner Transfer Method

Toner Transfer method for making PCB at home is probably one thing that went as viral as the Arduino. Electronics hobbyists around the world started using it to make professional looking PCBs at home. Here I will document the steps involved in fabricating PCBs with things that you can mostly...

Aug 7, 2013

Cubieboard a $50 Single Board Computer

Lets welcome the new comer in the league of single board computers (SBCs). Yes the Cubieboard is a new single board computer heading up in the market. It has already been in the market for some time but has not gained popularity. Cubieboard is a small, high performance ARM box....

Jul 5, 2013

PandaBoard, Technical Reference and Review.

A PandaBoard is a low-cost, low-power single board development platform from the famous Texas Instruments OMAP4430 system. It is capable of running all major flavors of Linux with native support from Ubuntu. It has been on the list of Linux hackers for quite some time now and has a huge...

Jun 17, 2013