About EmbedJournal

EmbedJournal was launched in 2013 with a focus on Embedded Systems, electronics Linux and Robotics. It started off primarily as a place for Siddharth to share this hobby projects. In mid 2014, it received a lot more attention and became a go-to destination for students and hobbyists.

Today, EmbedJournal receives close to 2K page views per day and almost all of it organic traffic. We have growing list of subscribers for our mailing list. Last we checked we had about 2.5K subscribers around the world.

Write for us

EmbedJounal is no longer a single author blog. We are now embracing open content and so we encourage our readers to step up and share their projects with us. We we make sure you have a place at EmbedJournal for ever. Please refer to our guest blogging policies for more details.

Have a question?

We are always eager to hear form our readers. Read our FAQ page to check if we get your question very often. If you don’t find your question there, please read our contact guidelines and the write an email to author. We will be glad to assist you in any way possible.

About the Authors

The Authors where once students and hobbyists, today they are professional Firmware developers living their passions. You can read more about the authors at our authors list page.

About the website

EmbedJournal’s content is written in GitHub Flavored Markdown syntax and built into static HTML files. The backed of EmbedJournal is powered by Jekyll and some Perl scripts to automate the build process.


EmbedJournal is what it is today because of a lot of nice folks around the world and we would like to take the opportunity to thank them.

  • Jekyll - The awesome static site generator from which EmbedJournal is built.
  • Markdown Editor - The online editor that we have here to test our markdown syntax.
  • Mailchimp API - The wrapper for Mailchimp API that we use to manage our subscriptions for mailing lists.
  • IndicServer - Our domain registrar who has been generously offering us a huge discount.
  • Folks at AlphaWebLab for helping us get our UI right.