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Although we encourage authors to engage with their audience, responding to a comment is purely at the authors discretion. Some questions you may want to ask yourself, do you know how to ask for help? did you read the datasheet? did you ask god?

We take care to ensure correctness of the content that gets published at EmbedJournal. But despite our sincere efforts, there may be some oversight. Contact the author of that post in an email copying We will do our best resolve your query.

Social channels may not be the most apt way to reach out and ask for technical help, an email would be more appropriate. But hey, you are free to try.

Yes can, but we encourage you to try and achieve the same functionality with your own code.

No, that is against our copyright policy. Content published here is protected by DMCA and other local and international copyright laws. You are free to link to the article from your blog/webpage.

You can do so after getting permission from the administrators. Write an email to with you request mentioning where you will use it.

We try very hard to maintain links constant. At times, we do drop some very low value content. But if you feel some important content is missing, do let us know.

If you have a particular topic, then you have a particular author whom you would like to get it written by, send an email to the author with your request. Beware, depending on the topic and availability of time, he may not accept the offer.

You can send the initial draft of the content to One of the existing authors will peer review your content and suggest changes if any. Once approved, we will publish it. Do read about our guest blogging policy.

At EmbedJournal we take copyright and IP very seriously. Write a email to and we sort it out as soon as possible.