Guest Blogging

Welcome Blogger! If your are reading this we take it that you liked this blog and wish to submit a write up on one of your cool project that you wish to share. You could also become a full time blogger at EmbedJournal.

The content submitted by the contributor will be published after review by one of the authors. Anyone can submit an article as long as the related to one of the categories of EmbedJoural.


Authors must adhere to the following guidelines,

  • You must attach at least one relevant image for the content.
  • Your article should be able to fit into one of the categories listed in this blog.
  • The article has to be uniquely written for this website. It should not published elsewhere and can’t be published anywhere else after approval.
  • The contributor should follow up on the comments from the readers to maintain a good relationship.

How to write

All content for EmbedJournal is written in GFM (GitHub Flavored Markdown). It is really easy to learn, and should take you less than 10 minutes to understand how things are done the markdown way. To make your life easy, we have made an online editor for you.

Visit EmbedJoural Editor and read through the document to get an idea of how the post must be formatted. Once you are done editing, hit Ctrl-S and save the file and mail to us at We will review and publish the article as soon as possible.

The content you create is yours. It will be published along with your name, author info and and other related content at EmbedJournal. The post will appear as any other post made by other authors of this website. You are considered the sole owner of your content and with all rights reserved so long as it is hosted at here at EmbedJouranl. You are responsible for your content and take full liability for its accuracy and authenticity.

Email Address and Personal Details

We don’t disclose Email address and other information you provide while creating an account with us. Please do not share your Email address to others through the comments section or through the blog post that you may create. This is for your own benefit and it is up to you to make necessary measures to protect your personal details.

Policies and Terms

If the above guidelines are not followed, or the content does not stand up to a certain level felt fit by the authors, EmbedJouranl reserves the right to rejected your submission. If your content is found to be violating someones copyright, the administrator reserves all due rights to remove the post without prior intimation. If a contributor has made a number of contributions that are remarkably good we may choose to make them a permanent author here at Embed Journal with express publishing rights purely under the discretion of EmbedJouranl.