DIY wireless Keyboard (fun in making things yourself)

I have a TVS eGold mechanical Keyboard. I was looking at some websites that sold wireless keyboard and soon found out that they were all membrane type. I have been using the mechanical one for quiet some time now and love it so much that I can’t possibly revert back to the membrane even if it were wireless. Thats when I got the Idea to convert my mechanical wired-keyboard into a wireless one a DIY A wireless keyboard’.

I was reading about the PS2 interface and found that it should not be much of a problem. So the next assignment would be to make my own wireless keyboard. Hopefully I will be able to do it once these exams got over (yes I am having exams in another 2 days). I will try to make one when I find the time and post my progress here,

In the mean time, few people have created completely DIY wireless keyboard interfaces, but several people have hacked together pre-existing hardware solutions to make things function. I’ll provide three examples, which will be listed from most to least difficult.

  1. A keyboard forum member named wulax reverse engineered a smaller Bluetooth controller, creating a PCB for it that works with Model M keyboards. Unfortunately, he stopped creating and supporting the adapter.

  2. Another forum member used an HID module from a site called Adafruit, which allowed him to program some custom interface code and get everything hooked up.

  3. NYCesquire performed the final and easiest conversion. He took a product offered by an obscure company, disassembled it to fit a Model M, and had a working keyboard immediately afterwards.

If you’re intimidated by those projects, you always have the option of buying a wireless keyboard. Go Mechanical Keyboard has an article that covers a few great Bluetooth options.